In simple words, a private investigator is a detective, an agent one hires to find out or inquire regarding a matter or a person you want information about. Their services are integral in many law suits and cases regarding criminals as well as civil. So if TV shows on detectives have inspired and interested you, you can by getting trained from Strike Training join a law firm. And the best thing about studying it from Strike is that they do not require their students to have any prior knowledge or experience. And once you complete your course with them, you will not only get a certificate, but you will be legally allowed to practice on your own. And all this is possible to do within seventeen hundred dollars. Just imagine! This course on private investigation is designed in two parts; first you have to complete your basic learning of the program by reading at home and then head to the second part that is the practical application of your knowledge under training in front of the trainers. They will provide you all the material that is necessary and would simultaneously guide you what and how to do. 

The second half of your training, which is a face to face session, is a compulsion as it is one of the conditions set by the department of police license. You can complete this in two weeks, but make sure that you do not miss out one even one session otherwise your course would be regarded incomplete and license would be denied. From nine in the morning to five in the afternoon you would have your session five days a week i.e. Monday to Friday. Because most people, who take up these courses, enroll in it as an extra thing and due to their commitments in other places, be it for education or work. The members at Strike understand this and therefore they design the course in three separate blocks that means that now you can complete the course during the quarter of the year in which you are relatively freer.  We also offer child first aid in Perth

The first block spans over five days and it incorporates on teaching students how to establish relations in a workplace, they will guide you as in how to prioritize things in life, how to maintain safety of your workplace. In this block you will also learn how to work as an investigative officer and all the paper work and evidence that you would be required to prepare for legal proceedings in courtrooms. The experts will share with you ways through which you can gather information while investigating. The second block also is for five days, during which you will learn how to deal with clients, planning an investigational procedure, interview people and record their statements, compile all the data that you have gathered in the form of a report.  The third block is for four days, this is primarily about surveillance and how to do it.